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The Best Travel Fishing Rods Are Jabbers!

Updated: Mar 16

If you travel as much as our team does then we cannot recommend modern, travel style rods highly enough.

Travel rods have come a long way since the floppy old telescopic versions of the past and if it’s a choice between lugging a 7 foot long rod tube around, paying for oversize baggage at the airport and treating myself to a couple of neat new rods, I know which way I’m heading!

Jabbers travel rod in Papua New Guinea
The Beast Flogger baitcaster in action!

The two rods we took with us were the Rage Receiver and the Beast Flogger, aptly named to take on the infamous black bass of Lake Murray! Being 5 piece rods, they both pack down into a slick, 55cm long travel case that fits neatly into your checked luggage, if you want to save even more space, leave the carry case at home.

I put both these rods together on day one and didn’t need to adjust a thing the whole week, the reel locks in hard and the extended butt is great to dig into the armpit for the fight!

Jabbers Beast Flogger bent over a Papuan black bass!
You can't tell it's a five piece travel rod!

The Rage Receiver is the heavier of the pair which is well suited for trolling deep lures in search of that record breaking bass, with a line weight of 30-60lbs and 6'4" long it’s just what’s required to land that prized fish.

The Beast Flogger is also suitable for the troll, in-fact I trolled up my PB on this rod, yet it’s a great all-rounder for Lake Murray as it’s just as good on the cast. With a line weight of 15-40lbs and 7'2" long it would also suit many other situations in Australia like throwing soft plastics around a run-off creek for barra or rolling a spinnerbait through the sticks for Murray cod.

Very compact Jabbers travel rods
You can fit three Jabbers Robs in one of these tiny little cases!

After giving these rods a run we’re more than happy with the performance and are pleased to offer subscribers to our newsletter a 15% discount from Adrenaline Outdoors, not only do they have the best travel fishing rods on offer theres a bunch of other flash gear too, so check it out!

Promo Code: AA-15

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