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Tropical Leaves

Papua New Guinea

The best barra fishing on the planet? We think so!

Bensbach is home to huge barramundi and beautiful surrounds

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Been looking for an angling adventure of a lifetime? Then look no further as we offer exclusive fishing tours on the remote Bensbach River, the last river westwards in Papua New Guinea that meanders through lowland forest and lush waving grassland, finding its slow way to the sea on the Irian Jaya border.

Offering incredible tours to Bensbach for fishermen, Bensbach is paradise, the river is teeming with Barramundi and is home to some of the biggest barra you'll find anywhere in the world. Local guides accompany visitors and can show you all the best fishing spots.

Group Size

Up to  9

Target Species



Jun > Oct


Min 8 Days 

Cost Per Person


The scenery on our tours is like nowhere else in Papua New Guinea, as you move through the densely forested lowlands, a bend in the river will transform the landscape, as swiftly as an image on a screen, into a vista of rolling parkland, empty and green and infinite.

There are literally thousands of head of rusa deer grazing the plains, descendants of small herds introduced more than fifty years ago by the Dutch in Irian Jaya. Wild pigs, wallabies and packs of wild dogs all roam at will on the plains, not at all timid and very easy to spot. There are salt water crocodiles as well as goannas and turtles, and a dazzling variety of birds.

You can see pelicans and parrots, motionless herons standing sentinel in the reeds, magpie geese and scrub turkey. Jabiru storks floating overhead on the unseen thermals, dancing brolgas and delicate ibis, cormorants diving for fish, bush fowls, cassowaries, eagles - and many, many more.


The Bensbach Lodge is perfectly-located for our tours just less than 100km inland from the river mouth is the Bensbach Wildlife Lodge. Its deceptively simple design, harmonising perfectly with its surroundings, offers a well-equipped comfortable base from which visitors travel by boats at a relaxed and easy pace, to explore the surrounding wilderness.

The Lodge has been built entirely from locally available materials, charmingly and cleverly adapted to the tastes and comfort of its visitors. The result is a building which blends perfectly with its surroundings and yet offers excellent accommodation for up to sixteen guests (we keep our groups to nine). Rooms are spacious and cool, with ceiling fans. Covered verandas link the accommodation wings to the main building, which has a dining room, bar and a relaxing lounge. Food at Bensbach is ideal for a country holiday - delicious farmhouse cooking with venison, duck and freshly caught barramundi as regular items on the menu. Simply put, overall it’s a fishing trip you’ll not soon forget!

2024 Availability 
Trip 1 - 1 > 10 June - Fully Booked
Trip 2 - 10 > 19 June - Tentatively booked
Trip 3 - 19 > 28 June - Fully booked
Trip 4 - 6 > 15 July - Tent
atively booked
Trip 5 - 15 > 27 July - Fully booked
Trip 6 - 27 > 3 Aug - Fully booked

Trip 7 - 10 > 17 Aug - Tentatively booked
Trip 8 - 17 > 24 Aug - Tentatively booked
Trip 9 - 24 > 31 Aug - Tentatively booked
Trip 10 - 31 > 7 Sep - Tentatively booked
Trip 11 - 7 > 14 Sep - Tentatively booked
Trip 12 - 14 > 21 Sep - Tentatively booked 


- Hotel night before and after the trip in Cairns 
- Return flights to Bensbach Wilderness Lodge
- Accommodation and meals at Bensbach  

- Guided fishing 

Not Included

- Fishing gear
- Visa costs
- Alcohol and soft drink at the lodge
- Meals in Cairns (except breakfast in hotel)
- Airport transfers in Cairns

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