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Bensbach Barra 2024 Has Begun!

It's been a long time coming but the Bensbach barra fishing season is finally underway!

Group 1 was quick off the mark getting runs on the board with hundreds of barra hitting the deck and "about 9' meteries in amongst them!

You know theres plenty of fish getting caught when the guests aren't even exactly sure how many trophy, 100cm+ fish they have landed, along with a plethora of barra over 90cm.

They were even treated to a rare sighting of a spotted Cuscus, a sloth like, tree dwelling marsupial, similar to a possum.

Group 2 has now hit the water and after a couple short sessions, they've racked up three barra over the magic metre mark!

We are hanging by the phone for the daily fishing report to see just what this incredible river can produce this season!

Still a few spots left for this year so get in while you still can: Bensbach Info & Bookings

The word has gotten out about the best barra fishing on the planet, so the 2025 calendar is going to be pretty chockers, please get in touch to get your team penciled in!

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