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Sal Salis - Western Australia

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Dutch Captain Jacobz of the "Mauritius" is the first recorded landing in the area in 1618.
Later in 1818, Australian captain Phillip Parker King visited and named the peninsula North West Cape and also Exmouth Gulf.

Located on the North West Cape, Sal Salis is a 1 hour drive south of Exmouth.The accommodation (luxury tents) is located about 50 metres back from the beach amongst the low lying coastal dunes. Two kilometres behind the camp is the limestone range of Cape National Park.

Sal Salis is Western Australia's best game fishing destination, with the continental shelf only a few kilometers off-shore, The Sal Salis is an exclusivly located destination only a few metres from the beach and reef with only nine tents available. Anglers and non-fishing guests will not have the chance to stay closer to the action.

Stretching for 280 kilometres along Australia's west coast, Ningaloo Reef is the world's longest coastal reef and remains one of Australia's best kept natural secrets. Each year the marine spectacle of the reef is enhanced by the arrival of the world's largest fish, the whale shark. Ningaloo is also the breeding ground for hawksbill, loggerhead and green turtles. Coral lagoons reveal huge schools of fish, reef sharks, rays and a multitude of species amongst this pristine reef.....all right in front of the resort!

Blending with the surrounding dunes, the camp is styled on the barefoot luxury lines. Supremely comfortable beds, en suite bathrooms, excellent food and wine and an appreciation of the finer details. The focus on your stay is always on the environment and a team of passionate and expert guides are on hand to show you the reef with guided snorkel and kayak expeditions. Gorge walks and drives in the Cape Range National Park reveal the prolific terrestrial wildlife with regular sittings of red kangaroos, euros, black-footed rock wallabies, Gould's sand monitors and emus.

The camp design also ensures a minimal footprint in the pristine environment. Natureloos (modern composting loos), raised board walks, solar power, strict water usage, ecologically sound soaps and shampoos are all part of the experience......or if you are visiting just for the fishing, SAL SALIS is perfect for either or both!


With the continental shelf being only a few kilometres off-shore from Ningaloo Reef, the fishing options are endless. Sport fishing around Australia cannot better or equal the diverse range of hard fighting species on offer. Even as far as the world is concerned, where else can you have all year round species such as blue, black and striped marlin, sailfish, broadbill, wahoo, mahi mahi, giant trevally and Spanish mackerel

Want variety? Try the reefs, a fisherman's paradise where you can catch some of the best tasting species on offer. North west snapper, red emperor, grouper , coral trout and many more. Outside the national park and only a short distance from the camp, one of the best bone fishing locations in Australia can be fished in the shallows.

Sal Salis has its own custom built mini gameboat, an 8 metre "Leisurecat". It is  stocked with the best tackle and equipment on the market, as well as being an excellent gamefishing and allround fishing vessel. Other vessels can be supplied for larger groups than four people fishing at a time.

Although having four people share your fishing experience saves a few hundred dollars on cost, if you can afford the bit extra to fish with a smaller group you will get double the strikes and catch rates! This can be very important when gamefishing.

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