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Peter Hayes - Tasmania

It is a beautiful, unspoilt environment that attracts fishermen from around the world! The attractions are many. Perhaps it is trying to fool the Wild Brown Trout that can be as cunning as any fish. Or is it the sight fishing on the lake flats that makes Tasmania so special? Seeing the fish first and then having to present the fly in exactly the right place certainly adds a keen edge to the fishing.

The decisions can be difficult - whether to cast to “tailing” trout in the extreme margins at first light, or “polaroiding” cruising shadows across the open flats under a cobalt sky in the middle of a warm summer day. Each is a real Tasmanian specialty.

Maybe some other parts of the world there maybe bigger and more trout, but where else has the trout fishing variety or unique fauna and flora Tassie has to offer.

We offer one of the most professional guiding services available anywhere in the world. We do not compromise on anything. These are some of the qualities you can expect from our service:

  • We fish when the fish are on, not only from 9 to 5pm.

  • We use sport fishing boats to access the fish when required.

  • Our guides don’t fish unless expressly asked to do so by clients, or for demonstration purposes.

  • Our guides all enjoy working with people, and excel in communicating the skills of fly and spin fishing.

  • All of our guides are holders of the following certificates: First aid, Public vehicle and Coxswain certificates; this means you are in safe hands.

  • Our guiding business carries public liability insurance and we are members of the Tasmanian Professional Trout Guides Association.

  • We are permanently based at Miena, which is the most central location for you to experience the best of the highland lake fisheries.

We are entering the tenth year of business and our level of repeat clientele and advance bookings is testament to our professionalism.
"It would be hard to imagine better season than this past three!" This is how owner/guide Peter Hayes summed up his 2003 Tasmanian trout season, and Tasmanian trout he certainly knows!

Tasmania offers the ultimate in trout fishing. The myriad of rivers and streams, lakes and tan's are an anglers’ paradise.

Per Person
Fly schools are a speciality. Do the theory and then put it to practise in the "back yard".

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