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Driftwater - Tasmania

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At Driftwater we will design a journey to suit your needs and experience.

Whether wade fishing, drifting in our fine wooden driftboats, casting one of our bamboo rods, targeting mayfly feeders or early morning tailing trout, polaroiding the shores of the Highland Lakes or hiking up to remote Western or Chudleigh Lakes – your journey will be a unique and unforgettable one.

We cater for the beginning angler or the more advanced and offer tuition if required.

Importantly, we would like to encourage more women to explore the joys of flyfishing, and can therefore offer a female friendly environment and female guide.

Our driftboats have been imported from Montana USA.  Finely handcrafted using quality American timbers by Jason Cajune of Montana Boatbuilders – we believe them to be the only such boats in Australia.

Their Fly Fishing specific design gives them great stability and an ability to drift quietly and in exceptionally shallow water, making them a joy to fish from.

Bamboo Rods
We have a variety of Bamboo Rods  which you will be welcome to try.

Sweetgrass Rods, handcrafted by the Booboys in Montana or maybe an English made antique 6’ midge.
In the near future we will be crafting bamboo rods under the mentorship of Tom Morgan

Cast them and experience the joys of their responsive nature and the story’s they tell.

Driftwater was born from our passion for fly fishing. 
After many years of  fly fishing experiences in Australia, New Zealand and further afield and then a year spent travelling as ‘trout bums’ to many of the great waters of the world – it seemed only natural to want to share our journey with others …

​Stepping into the Unknown is a short video about our journey.....

Having both qualified from Montana Fly Fishing Guide School – Karen, a Certified Casting Instructor with the International Federation of Flyfishers, now aims to inspire other women to experience and be captivated by the magic of fly fishing.  Peters background as a freshwater biologist has fostered his interest in entomology and complements his passion for fly fishing.

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