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Boat in the Sea

Terms and Conditions



A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the final balance must be lodged with Angling Adventures to secure booking dates, clients will be contacted after 7 days if a deposit is not received by Angling Adventures, delays in paying the deposit may result in the forfeit of the desired dates.


The final balance for the fishing adventure must be made no less than 90 days prior to the date of departure, unless otherwise advised by Angling Adventures. Booking made with less than 90 days until the departure date will require immediate payment of the final balance to secure dates, clients will be contacted after 7 days if full payment has not been received by Angling Adventures delays in paying the final balance will result in the forfeit of the desired dates. 


Cancellation and Refunds

If you cancel your booking with more than 90 days prior to the date of departure, any money you have paid will be refunded in full except for the 30% non-refundable deposit. No refund will be available where bookings are cancelled with less than 90 days prior to departure, or where for some reason, services included in your holiday are not used. In these circumstances, some tour and accommodation operators require full payment of the services booked but not used, and all require at least the payment of a cancellation fee. 


In exceptional circumstances refunds may be granted and where possible Angling Adventures may re advertise a cancelled booking which may allow the return of funds paid but this is not always possible.


When a refund is requested for any reason, it must be emailed to and be accompanied by all relevant documents, together with a written explanation as to why the cancellation was made, or the services not used. Angling Adventures will deduct from the money you have paid, the amount claimed by the operators as cancellation fees and refund you the remaining balance.


Clients must understand the risk of bad weather preventing pursuit of activities. We regret that once a tour has commenced we cannot refund unused portions in events such as poor weather conditions. 


Voluntary Change or Termination of Holiday

Should you voluntarily change or terminate your fishing adventure for any reason, the unveiled components of your holiday will be calculated at normal current airfares and rates including cancellation fees and the balance, if any, refunded in due course.



Angling Adventures makes every endeavour to ensure that the details of any fishing adventure are correct at the time of publishing, however we rely greatly upon information provided to Angling Adventures by the relevant operators. Angling Adventures can accept no responsibility for any inaccuracy of misdescription contained on our website or in material provided to clients, we do however continually review the information we publish and will seek feedback from both clients and suppliers to ensure accuracy of information is of a high standard. Sales of service described are made by Angling Adventures solely as an agent for the person or company providing the service. You are reminded that Angling Adventures cannot accept responsibility for subsequent change, or withdrawal of prices, details or services shown; all are subject to alteration without notice.

Angling Adventures will advise you of changes of which they are aware before you book your holiday, most prices quoted are in Australian dollars, prices quoted in foreign currency will be noted, prices included on the Angling Adventures website supersede all prices previously advertised.


In making bookings or reservations on your behalf (the "client") Angling Adventures is acting as an agent of its various principles for the provision of services by hotels, carriers, and tour operators (the "Principal"). Angling Adventures shall not be responsible or be held liable for any injury, death, damage, loss, delay, cost, expense, inconvenience, or loss of employment suffered by any person or corporation caused directly or indirectly by or arising from:


  1. Force majeure or other event beyond Angling Adventures control, including but not limited to war, civil disturbance, fire, floods, weather, snow, acts of god, acts of government or any other authorities;

  2. Accidents to or failure of machinery and equipment;

  3. Strikes or industrial action;

  4. The negligence, acts or omission of any Principal or any person or corporation contracted by such Principal to perform any duty or service or any employee, agent or subcontractor of such Principal;

  5. The inability of Angling Adventures or any Principal through circumstances beyond Angling Adventures control to comply with any special request relating to age, medical conditions or physical disability of the client or any request for smoking or non smoking accommodation or seating;

  6. Any failure by the client to obtain a passport or visa or any illness occasioned as a result of failure to obtain proper vaccinations;

  7. The failure by the Principal to provide accommodation or services as represented in this website to the standard represented by the Principal;

  8. any matter referred to in these terms and conditions for which you assume risk or responsibility.



Additional Information

Not Included In Cost

International and interstate airfares,  meals unless otherwise specified, any personally incurred expenses, such as drinks, hire costs, newspapers, souvenirs, unless otherwise stated by Angling Adventures are not included in the price quoted by Angling Adventures.   


Pre-Trip Data

Angling Adventures will provide all relevant information on particular trips prior to departure. 


When preparing to pack, keep in mind the climatic conditions along with any potential hazards such as mosquitos, rough and slippery surfaces depending on the adventure you are embarking on, remember that even hot places can become cold and that sometimes heavy rainfall should be taken into account. Angling Adventures will provide specific information and advice for your particular trip.


Health, vaccination, passport and visa requirements are your responsibility and not the responsibility of Angling Adventures or the Principal.


Validity of Prices

Most prices quoted are in Australian dollars, prices in other currencies will be noted. Prices included in this website supersede all prices previously advertised. On some occasions prices on this website may have become out of date. Please check prices with Angling Adventures before confirming your trip.


Prices included on this website are based on twin occupancy (two persons sharing) unless otherwise specified, all other prices are available on application.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend that you insure yourself against loss of travel and/or accommodation expenses that may be incurred through unforeseen circumstances.

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