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Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge - Alaska

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Any angler in the world will surely be delighted when they hear the words "Bristol Bay." Millions of Salmon return to its area rivers to spawn each year. Over half the world's Red Salmon spawn here, making it a favourite spot among Alaska fishing enthusiasts. They join migration so they can match wits with the five species in the region. These are the Chinook(King), Chum(Dog), Sockeye(Red), Pink(Humpback) and Coho(Silver).

Lying on the Alaska Peninsula, 290 miles southwest of Anchorage, is the Katmai National Park and Preserve. There are scheduled daily flights to King Salmon, which is 6 miles from the west boundary of the Park. Between June and September, commercial float planes go between King Salmon and the lodge on the Alagnak River ona daily basis.

The amazing rare Salmon run is proof of Katmai's rich natural wildlife. The population of the Brown Bears is also a proof of the place’s diversity. During the Salmon season, North America's largest land predators go to the streams and catch Salmon. The bears are able to build their weight from protein and fat they get from their diet, so they can prepare for the coming winter season. Alaska's brown bears and grizzlies are currently considered one species.

There is not another Lodge in Alaska that has more easy accessible daily jetboat fishing access than us. We can offer over 500 miles of rivers, lakes and tributaries all from one location via our modern jetboat fleet with some of the least amount of fishing pressure anywhere in Katmai Park. This is mainly due to the fact that float planes cannot physically land due to shallow water and safety reasons within 25 miles of our Lodge.

Alaska Trophy Adventures only employs the highest quality of fishing guides. Each guide has gone through an extensive training program and graduated from guide school. Once they graduate they become Orvis Endorsed guides at an endorsed expedition or Lodge. These guides are held in the highest of standards. You are assured of being treated with respect as well as the guides being great teachers.

Whether you are looking to battle a 50lb King Salmon on a 10 weight rod or dry fly to a Grayling on a 5 weight rod, we have it all. The scenic Alagnak River has everything it needs to be one of the most consistent Trout and Salmon fishing rivers in Alaska.

Flights from Australia to Anchorage return as well as from Anchorage to King Salmon are extra costs 

The return Air Taxi from King Salmon to the lodge plus bed tx is $550 US

Tips at the Lodge are expected...$300 tp $400 for the 7 nights.

Salmon fishing licence US$55 is an extra cost.

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