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Calm Sea

Matava Gamefishing & Dive Resort - Fiji

Welcome to Matava on the remote Island of Kadavu(45 min flight from Nadi), Fiji.

The Resort boasts secluded splendour whilst also satisfying your spirit of adventure with some of the best Fiji Fishing Tours on offer.

A small and intimate getaway designed to blend in with its natural environment, Matava is bordered by the Great Astrolabe Reef. You’ll find traditional thatched Fijian bures hidden in the rainforest, set amongst lush tropical surroundings. This resort offers complete privacy, total comfort, picturesque ocean views,and excellent Fishing Tours.

Fiji's premier Eco Adventure Resort, Matavais proud to be star rated by the AAA STAR Rating Scheme at 3.5 stars.

Located 100km south of the larger Island of VitiLevu, Kadavu and is one of the last remaining undeveloped islands in Fiji.

With strong cultural values still intact, the population leads a fairly subsistent existence in stunning coastal villages surrounded by mountainous jungles and fast-flowing waterfalls. The island'ssecluded coves, surrounded by mangrove forest and coral reefs,are the perfect habitat for a number of birds – including the Kadavu Musk parrot, which is endemic to the area.

The Kadavu group of Islands and the striking Astrolabe Reef have all been created by tectonic movements and volcanic activity. The Matava Resort is situated on the edge of this breathtaking living organism – a place that is home to an extensive array of marine life unmatched in Fiji.

Getting to Matava - Pacific Sun Airlines travels to the Island of Kadavu, with flights available on a daily basis from Nadi and Suva. There’s also a ferry service on offer from Suva. Upon arrival you’ll be picked up by one of the resort's boats.

Gameboat- "Bite Me" is a 31 foot DeepVeeBlackwatch.A premium Fishing Tour vessel in Fiji, it has a crew of two and can handle up to 4 guests at a time. Powered by twin Iveco 280's, it is fitted out with toilet, shower, gallery and saloon for guest's comfort whilst big game fishing in the area's uninhabited islands and sheltered coral lagoons. This vessel is perfectly suited to this area. "Bite Me" is in full use around Fiji, and it carries a vast array of safety equipment and electronics.

"Bite Me" boasts many Fiji National Fishing Records.

Tackle - Penn International 30, 50 and 80lb game trolling outfits for those seeking chair or stand up to fight billfish. There is also 8 & 10kg Shimano gear for those light tackle enthusiasts.

In addition, there are casting rods for the popper crunching GT's, as well as deep water jigging outfits to find those deeper reef dwellers such as Dogtooth Tuna, Coral Trout and Black Trevally.

The Fishing

Marlin(3 species), Sailfish, Wahoo, Yellow Fin and Dogtooth Tuna, MahiMahi and Giant Trevally are some of the main species common on this particular Fiji Fishing Tour.

When you board “Bite Me”, you’ll soon be enjoying stunning blue water game fishing on the Great Astrolabe barrier reef, 4,000m deep trenches, oceanic pinnacles and surrounding sea mounts. This boat can be out in 1,000 metres of water within 10 minutes from the resort, allowing you to fish for large Pacific Blue Marlin, or searching along the outer edges of the barrier reef for Sailfish and also Kadavu's well-known monster, Wahoo.

A specialty is the light tackle switch and bait Fishing Tours for Pacific Sailfish. The resort is more than happy to teach first timers this exciting form of fishing.

Fishing Weather

Home to a typical tropical climate, Kadavu experiences winter between May and September, and summer between October and April.

The summer months are usually characterised by lovely, calm weather. The calm, hot and humid climate is great for spotting birds that are working tuna, or finding weed or current lines for MahiMahi, Billfish and Tuna. The water is warm, reaching about 30 degrees during the hottest month, which is usually March. The tropical heat begins to subside frommid-April.

“Bite Me” usually focusses on the offshore heavy tackle fishing during summer, though the popper casting for GT's in the barrier reef breakers is also fantastic.

In winter time, SE trade winds are common in Fiji. Varying in strength from a light breeze to a 20kt blow, these trade winds usually lasts about 5 to 6 days followed by a couple of days of light northerly winds before the next trade starts. A strong trade wind can limit the game boat to fishing inside the barrier reef or fishing the lee side of the island and barrier reef. The air often reaches a low temperature of about 20 degrees during August and September, with the water temperature dropping to approximately 24 degrees. Winter is the season for Wahoo and Sailfish.

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