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Island Passage - New Zealand - New Zealand

land at Princes Wharf, “Island Passage” a 42 metre luxury Mothership Fishing vessel, offering extended cruises around the “Hauraki Gulf Marine Park”.

With a state of the art design including a full range of sporting facilities and a stylish interior, cruising aboard the ‘Island Passage’ allows you to create a holiday which suits your needs.

This vessel allows passengers to take a fishing trip from the tender boats, or to head ashore for a picnic. Expeditions from the ship by helicopter or boat offer a plethora of daily activates, alternatively you can relax on the decks with a quality book or even laze under the sun in a steamer deckchair. This is truly indulgent Mothership Fishing.

The experience of Mothership cruise Fishing really comes alive during the evenings when the mood changes to sunset cocktails, fine dining and the stunning Pacific dishes served up by the on-board chef. The breathtaking scenery of the Hauraki Gulf’s quiet bays paint a picturesque portrait to be enjoyed from a moored ‘Island Passage’.

With accommodation on-board for 22 passengers, you and your guest will have more than enough space to go around. Rich timber panelling line the ten spacious cabins, each filled with a TV, video, audio, air conditioning and Rose & Heather furniture. Each cabin comes with its own en-suite and most cabins open out to the outer deck. There are 6 fulltime occupying crew: Skipper, 1st Mate, Chief Engineer, Chef and two hospitality staff.

The Region

Established in 1967 to preserve the 47 island of the region, the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park was the first of its kind in New Zealand. One of the park’s aims is to retain the natural state of the islands. Providing a haven for the various animals and bird life of the region, these islands are teeming with unspoiled rare vegetation and a thriving eco-system.

As a paradise of scenic contrasts, the park features thirteen islands, headlands and a rugged coastline spread out over 600 square kilometres of Pacific Ocean. From the famous extinct volcano of Rangitoto Island, towering above the inner gulf waters, through to the small outlying Cuvier Island in the east; this is truly a diverse region best enjoyed from the luxurious setting of our Mothership Fishing vessel.

The Ship

The “Island Passage” is a large Mothership luxury Fishing craft. At 42 metres (138 feet) in length, you are truly spoiled with her on-board amenities. She boasts satellite TV,an indoor/outdoor bar,library, restaurant, 24 guest en-suite cabins and several sport-fishing boats with Shimano gear. You can also access some limited laundry facilities for a small cost. There’s also a 6-seater twin engine Squirrel helicopter to assist you with getting to and from the ship.

There is a selection of on-board entertainment featuring a range of new release and classic films available for free. Plus a huge library of music available in each cabin.

You can also receive Satellite TV in each of the Bridge Deck Suites. Similarly it is available in the main saloon via a Phillips 42” plasma TV with one additional screen available in the library. A Bose brand ‘lifestyle system’ provides music in the aft deck and through the saloon.

The dining aboard ‘Island Passage’ is supposed to be an experience in and of itself. With fresh produce and the palate of the Pacific inspired flavours, you taste buds will be truly spoiled. More than happy to prepare any special dish, our chef can cater to any special dietary requirement. Simply let us know in advance and we can cater to your needs.

Cabins – boasting 10 stunning cabins, there spacious rooms are lined with rich timber panelling and exquisite Kauri furniture. All come with air-conditioning, DVD, audio and TV, plus have their own private en-suites that are serviced daily.
Cape Class – (Suites 1 & 2) These large superior rooms are positioned on the private bridge deck, right beside the Captain’s Cabin. They feature doors that open directly onto the deck, large en-suites and picturesque views from their massive windows.
Island Class – (Cabins 3,4,5,6) Located on the promenade deck, these four cabins are situated next to the saloon, main dining room, bar and the outdoor entertainment areas. There is also the larger Owners cabin located on this deck for those looking to have a little extra space. All the cabins open out directly onto the deck, plus boast large en-suites and panoramic views from their large windows. There is also a wheelchair cabin allowing for access to the essential areas on the ship.
Channel Class – (Cabins 7,8,9,10) These are on the main deck. Each feature two portholes and have a nautical theme throughout. With large en-suites and an abundance of space throughout, these cabins boast some very generous rates. This deck is also the location of the library.

Mothership Fishing & Equipment

The most common species caught aboard our Mothership Fishing vessel is snapper. 2-3 kg is the average size,however the really big specimenscan be up to 15 kg.

Yellowtail Kingfish is also endemic to the area. You can catch them all year round,although summer is the better time to target them. On average, the fish are ten kilos, although larger fish are quite common.

Trevally and Kahawai are just a couple of the many other fish species caught in this area.

Shimano tackle ranging from 10 to 37 Kg is all supplied. As far as fishing vessels, the fleet consists of a 7.2 metre sportfisher, 2 x 6.1 metre centre consoles plus 2 x 4.6 metre aluminium craft.

*Example only. Days can be added on request. The fishing package is normally in the Bay of Islands area.

These costs may also change due to currency fluctuations.

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