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Calm Sea

Gabon - West Africa - Sette Cama Camp/Lodge - Gabon

This is Africa's last Eden!

The wildest stretch of coastline on the entire African coast. This destination combines the ultimate in beach fishing and wildlife experience.

Gabon is without doubt the pinnacle of surf and estuary fishing. There are very few places where you can target Giant Tarpon off the beach and only one where you do it in the company of forest Elephants, Buffalo and Gorillas. This is the wildest and longest stretch of coastline left on the African continent, a very unique destination.
Gabon is one of the region's more stable countries. Since independence from France in 1960, Gabon has only had just three presidents. With under 2 million people it is one of the lowest population densities in any African country. Having an abundance of Oil deposits (owned by Shell) Gabon has less unemployment than most of other African countries, making it one of the richest African countries.

With its stretch of untounched coastline and along with a massive estuary system, Sette Cama Camp/Lodge offers the avid fisherman the opportunity to experience the thrill of targeting the numerous and unique species of West Africa with both spin and fly techniques. The abundance of large and aggressive game fish, all eager to attack a lure or fly, is complimented by Africa's most pristine tropical rain forest which creates the back drop to this one of a kind salt water fishing experiences.

Camp/Lodge details:
The camp/lodge is on the boundary of the Loango National Park offering a highly exclusive experience in which to enjoy both the fishing and wildlife.
Accommodation is simple cabins with twin configuration. Meals are enjoyed in the main living area which includes a stocked bar and a deck overlooking the estuary.

This is truly a world class fishery and also offers the opportunity to experience guided walks through Loango National Park where you will have the chance of seeing Chimpanzees, Lowland Gorilllas, Red Riverine Hogs, Forest Sitatunga, Forest Duikers and Monkeys, along with the unique Forest Elephants and Buffalo sightings along the beach.
This area is also famous for its unique birds with a chance to see Vermiculated Fishing Owls, Chocalte Balck Kingfishers and White Crowned Tiger Herons amongst many others. The wildlife and photographic opportunities are reason enough alone to visit this amazing gem of the African coastline.

Boats and Guides:
18ft Panga boats are used for all fishing and transport once at the camp. These boats are large and stable and comfortably fish 3. All have 4 stroke engines.
The Camp/Lodge has a small team of experienced full time guides. The guides are highly qualified and registered with the appropriate bodies. They are all passionate about sportfishing, keen environmentalists and qualified field guides with a wealth of experience.

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