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Anglers Choice Northern Territory

Top End Northern Territory Sport Fishing Trips

A lure casters dreamland and a fly-fishers Nirvana.


The top end of the Northern Territory has long been on the radar of keen fishermen. With huge tidal rivers, inland billabongs and offshore reefs, it is a sport fishing hotspot. The list of species an angler on a sport fishing tour can encounter here, is indeed a long one. With Angling Adventures, we can help you book your dream trip and find the best fisheries in the Northern Territory.

A fly fishing oasis

NT is an unrivalled fishing destination in Australia. Home to many species including Barra and featuring a vast network of waterways, it provides many excellent fishing opportunities. Freshwater billabongs are the primary domain of barra, tarpon and the prehistoric Saratoga. The ideal spot for fly fishing trips, top end billabongs are abundant all year round.

The Saltwater rivers and estuaries are where things start to really get interesting. Here you can expect to encounter the fish a top end fishing tour is all about. Threadfin salmon, mangrove jack, golden snapper and of course barra are for starters, just wait until the likes of queenfish and giant Trevally get in on the act.

No sport or fly fishing trip in the Northern Territory would be complete without sampling the delights of the multitude of offshore reefs and islands on offer. Here you will encounter such bruisers as Spanish Mackeral, black jewfish and the bigger brothers of the giant trevally, golden snapper and queenfish found in the estuaries. Guided tours in this area will provide you with the ultimate experience and adventure.

Find a fishing tour in NT

There really are no words to describe the fantastic fishing opportunities available in the top end of Australia. Angling Adventures will help you make the most of this fisherman’s dreamland by providing you with an extensive database of tours in the area. We can offer local knowledge and advice on the hottest spots and book you the best fishing tours in NT. At Angling Adventures, we only recommend destinations and book trips that we have directly experienced ourselves. Whether you want to book a fly angling or barra fishing trip in NT, we can help you experience the ultimate Australian adventure.

Get in touch today

If you would like to find out more about sport fishing trips in the Northern Territory, contact our agency today. Our experienced staff are more than happy to provide you with professional advice and tips on the best tours in your area. Please feel free to give Angling Adventures a call on 1800 033 094, send us an email on or fill out our online enquiry forms.

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