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Calm Sea

Saltwater Tours

Bensbach PNG.jpeg

Bensbach Wildlife Lodge - Papua New Guinea

Bensbach is one of the world’s most wild places. The Bensbach is the last river westwards in Papua New Guinea, meandering through lowland forest and lush waving grassland, finding its slow way to the sea on the Irian Jaya border.

Xmas 029.jpeg

Christmas Island fishing | Lagoon View | Ikari House | Captain Cook Hotel | Sunset Horizon Fishing Lodge | The Villages

Christmas Island offers unquestionably some of the finest bonefish angling in the world - in terms of numbers of fish and average size, the stability of climatic conditions year round.

Force 10.jpeg

Force 10 Fishing Charters

FORCE 10 FISHING CHARTERS offer game fishing, deep sea and reef fishing, bay fishing and general charter around the spectacular Tasmanian coastal areas.

Gabon West Africa.jpeg

Gabon - West Africa - Sette Cama Camp/Lodge

Gabon has the longest stretch of untouched coastline left on the African continent, and along with a massive estuary system, this destination offers fishermen the chance to experience the thrill of targeting the unique and numerous species of West Africa with both lure and fly.
The abundance of large and aggressive game fish is complimented by Africa's most pristine tropical rain forest which creates an amazing back drop to this one of a kind salt water fishing experiences.

Island Passage NZ.jpeg

Island Passage - New Zealand

Cruising aboard “Island Passage” with its state of the art design, stylish interior and a full range of sporting facilities, means you can create a holiday that suits your needs.

Island Passage Vanuatu.jpeg

Island Passage - Vanuatu

During winter, the boutique expedition ship, "Island Passage" makes it home in the Vanuatu Islands group around. This area receives very little gamefishing pressure!
Mothership fishing can give you comforts not expected in these remote areas.

Matava 010.jpeg

Matava Gamefishing & Dive Resort

Matava Resort, Kadavu, Fiji is a world class gamefishing(and Dive) Resort with the vessell, tackle and facilities to match.

Pure Indugence Samoa 013.jpeg

Pure Indulgence - Samoa

Samoa has been recognized as one of the top 10 sport fishing destinations in the world. With an easy flying time of six hours from Sydney, you will be hooking into the big ones in no time.

Saltwater Adventures Vanuatu.jpeg

Saltwater Adventures - Vanuatu

This is a holiday location the whole family can enjoy. Known mainly as a holiday and honeymooners getaway, that title seems to be quickly changing.

Costa Rica 006.jpeg

Silver King Lodge - Costa Rica

Silver King Lodge is located on the east coast of Costa Rica on the Rio Colorado River, in the ecologically sensitive wildlife preserve known as Barra del Colorado.

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