CY Charters - Queensland


CY Charters are located on Albany Island almost at the very tip of Australia in the Cape York Peninsula. The island is approximately 5.5 kilometers in length and about 1 kilometer wide. Cape York fishing staying remote and in comfort.

Albany, indigenous known as Pabaju Island, lies within the Torres Strait and is therefore very rich in history and culture. Situated directly opposite is the historical Somerset Beach where remnants of the famous Jardine homestead and family graves may be found as well as graves of perished Japanese Pearl farmers and the monument to the ill fated Kennedy expedition. Albany is currently accessible by boat from Somerset Beach and Seisa and well as helicopter from Horn Island.

This part of Australia is primarily inhabited by a large indigenous population of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders alongside a smaller community of non-indigenous people. The Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait Island groups are rich in natural beauty, tradition, culture and heritage.

Although there is currently tourism activity in the Cape York Peninsula and the Torres Strait Islands, the area is a relatively "young" and undeveloped tourist destination. The potential for the area to grow as a tourist destination has been recognized, however there are many considerations that need to be taken in order to satisfy the needs of the local community as well as the government and related councils. There is noted increasing demand for the area from both domestic and international tourism market....having said all that, Albany Island is isolated from the mainland and has its own private paradise surrounded by numerous fishing options.

CY Charters groups can range from 2 plus with single anglers able to join other groups at times. There is bedding for 12 people and bigger groups can be requested occasionally. Lodging is in a two story building with magnificent views over the water separating the island and the mainland. Bush walks on Albany Island is encouraged if you are not too tired before or after a days fishing.
The quality and quantity of the meals supplied makes for some extra exercise a very good idea!

Numerous fishing options are available. Something that only Cape York fishing can supply.
Try the nearby rivers, creeks and estuary systems for Barramundi.
Flats for sight casting for a lot of different species.
Reef and bottom bouncing for Perch, Trout, Fingermark and Jewies.
Troll for Mackeral, Tuna, Queensfish etc etc.
Cast poppers for big GT's.
Fly fish for plenty of requested species.

Plus many more options that you may request!


Per Person

7 days(5 full days fishing)/6 nights Call for Pricing

6 days(4 full days fishing)/5 nights Call for Pricing

5 days(3 full days fishing)/4 nights Call for Pricing

Flights to Horne Island are extra


  • Transfers from Horne Island airport to Albany Island and return.
  • Accommodation on Albany Island
  • Full board
  • Guided fishing for the number of days selected
  • Tackle supplied on a replace if lost or damaged basis


Check our office for return air fares from Cairns to Horne Island.