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Located right in the centre of the Pacific Ocean are 33 low-lying coral atolls collectively known as Kirbati (pronounced Kiribas). Sub-divided into three groups known as Line, Gilbert and Phoenix Island, Christmas Island is one of these atolls and one of the most spectacular. Located a four and a half hour flight from Fiji, Christmas Island is a Fishing Tour paradise teeming with life and amazing opportunities.

Undoubtedly one of the best locations for bonefishing trips, the stability of the climate has allowed for the numbers and average size of the fish here to thrive.

As with all bonefishing trips, there are good days, bad days and then there are days where you just get skunked! The tide, wind and weather all factor into your ability to see and make accurate presentations to entice a catch. There is always realistic potential for a big haul on bonefishing trips, and both novices and experts are sure to enjoy themselves.

Even after just a couple of days on a Christmas Island Fishing Tour, beginners will be able to at least double their catch. The more experienced sports fisher will be able to average 15-20 good 5-8 pound class catches a day, with even 30+ being possible if the conditions are perfect. Watch out though, anglers are spooled by big ones at least once a week.

Bonefishing is just the beginning of the experience

One factor that strikes all visitors during this bonefishing tour is the seemingly endless flats of sand and coral that stretch out in front of them. Even those anglers who have returned many times are continually amazed by the new areas of clean and clear water they discover.

The population of Christmas Island is made up mostly of Gilbertese descendants, who smile often and have a really friendly disposition. With a society that remains mainly untouched by commercialism, making this a perfect destination for any angler who’s looking to escape the rat-race and relax in an untouched environment. Christmas Island bonefishing tours - they’re closer than you think.

Lodge: Accommodation during your stay will be at the Captain Cook Hotel, named after James Cook who first arrived on Christmas Eve 1777. Each year, the management matures by mainstream travel standards. The many returning guest agrees that this is for the best and part of the charm of the Captain Cook experience.

Located close to the island’s jetport, Captain Cook is operated by English-speaking staff and is situated in a prime position within earshot and eyesight of the stunning reef. More than just a glorious sight, the reef is sure to lull you to sleep as the crashing surf gently breaks over it during the night.

Featuring 24 simply, yet charmingly decorated rooms, there is even air-conditioning in some rooms for guests who prefer some creature comforts. All open onto the beach front courtyard of this single story building. Amenities include a small refrigerator and private bathroom, all of which feature a solar powered shower stall. Away from the main facility there are also six attractive, thatch-roofed cottages boasting a beach-ward location and featuring a full range of conveniences.

Another pleasant surprise is the dining room, serving both hearty meals and exotic dishes in ample portions every day. The local produce is memorable, with delicious seafood and other goods flown in from Hawaii, there’s a nice mix of the familiar and the new available. There’s also a weekly outdoor luau with traditional dancing and singing, plus a banquet of fresh lobster.

Each evening most guests make their way down to the open air Maneaba on the beach, or sink into the comfort of the hotel’s Frigate Bar where they swap stories and get to know one another. Both are fully stocked with a great range of beverages and have a casual, friendly environment for you to unwind in.


Per Person costs:

Captain Cook Hotel

10 days/8 night ex - Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne*
2 share $3925*

Costs depends on single or share room & guides. The above cost is for twin share room and guide. Flight taxes and increases can also affect this cost.

*Please check with us for Melbourne departures.

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  • all meals at Captain Cook Hotel
  • return flight from Sydney or Brisbane to Christmas Island
  • 7 nights twin share accommodation at Captain Cook Hotel on Christmas Island
  • 6 days guided fishing on a 2 share basis
  • 1 night twin share accommodation at the Raffles Gateway Hotel in Nadi, Fiji
  • truck and skiff transfers(3 days of each)


*Plus travel insurance.
Changeable due to currency fluctuations.

This bonefishing trip departs Australia from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Contact us on 1300 159 234 or click the button below to find out more!