CY Charters was absolutely awesome

CY Charters was absolutely awesome

CY Charters Albany Island (Far North Queensland)


Hi Bill, our trip to the cape with CY Charters was absolutely awesome. Tony, Ross and I had expected good fishing but got spectacular fishing.

First day, Tony caught a Spanish mackerel within 10 minutes and within site of the camp. I then caught a large fingermark during a heavy golden trevally onslaught.

At different times, Hamish had us on more queenfish, nannygai and golden trevally than we could catch. This included 2 massive sessions on the queenies over the three days !!! They were smashing anything as soon as it hit the water.

On the second day, 3 jewfish were caught in 3 casts. Tony caught 2 jewfish in 2 consecutive casts, the second time involved a double hook-up with Ross.

Tony hooking a large shark at the end of one of the days sorted him out after the previous sessions which tested our arms to the max.

I am not sure how many fish we landed in the 3 days but they were all quality.

The accommodation and food is excellent. Can’t say enough about this place. Hamish is a great guy who can’t do enough for you.

Top notch.


Gavin Finlayson