Pip (Philip) Clement

We have known Pip since 1995. Pip brings with him a life time of experience as an avid fisherman and observer of the natural world.
Aside from pursing his own fishing and outdoor adventures......
he has worked as a guide(mainly, Tiwi Islands and PNG). Pip has also made a living as a rod builder, commerical saltwater fly tier, reel mechanic, commerical fisherman, fishing course instructor, lure manufacturer, tackle shop manager, recreational fishing development officer for the Northern Territory's fishies department, writte articles for several national fishing magazines and is a well seasoned traveller.
Overall, we reckon he has a pretty good handle on fishing and being a fisherman. To quote John Mondora from a recent article, "One of the best guides Darwin has ever produced".
Pip is acting as a consultant for Angling Adventures assisting in many areas.
He will be responsible in one of his roles to train up the guides at our newest Lodge at Lake Murray in PNG.


A hard one says Pip! He has fished for and captured an enviable list of sportfish throughout much of Australia in both salt and fresh water.
He has also sampled the delights of PNG Black Bass and Barra, Central American Bonefish and Permit, Costa Rica's Snook, Giant Tarpon and Sailfish, Trout in the U.S, Tigerfish in Africa, New Zealand Trout, Argentinean Dorado, Peacock Bass in the Amazon, Hawaii's Bonefish, Mongolian Taimen and Trout and also Kiribati's Bonefish, Tuna and Trevally fishing.
"They have all been great, maybe the next one will be the favorite?"


Pip has caught some great fish over the years, but strangley enough it is not the landed fish that really sticks out in Pip's mind, it is the ones that get off or he cant get a shot at that keeps him trying...that old chestnut..."The one that got away".
Most memorablly, a 20lb+ Tigerfish on the Zambezi River when the hook pulled beside the boat after an epic battle. The man sized Taiman he couldn't pin after three bites, a 60lb PNG Barra that bent XXO strong hooks like spagetti on its first head shake only two metres from the boat, the school of feeding 100lb+ Tarpon be couldn't catch up to on a hired kayak, a huge Bonefish at Christmas Island that could not be stopped and the whopper Flathead that snapped off and slipped from his grip beside his canoe when he was 14!


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