Phillip Branch

Phil has been associated with Angling Adventures both as a client and representative since his retiremnet from full employment in 2006. He has been a passionate advocate of recreational fishing since the 1970's and has been actively involved with Angling clubs and various recreational fishing bodies over the years.

Favourite fishing location.

He has a few, but Bensbach Wildlife Lodge in PNG is very special. The people, the environment, the atmosphere, but of course the spectacular fishing as well. The fish and location where they are caught here have to be seen to be believed.

Jarbu Lodge on Croker Island in the Northern Territory is also a special place. Phil has had the opportunity to spend some time there both working as a guide and just fishing as a client. Croker Island is a place of contrasts in terms of landscape and the fish. You can fish for Mangrove Jacks up one of the many creeks in the morning, surrounded by flapping Fruit Bats, and then fish the wide blue for Mackeral and Giant Trevally in the afternoon surrounded by hundreds of wheeling and screeching terns.

Another location on the favourites list is Costa Rica. Phil has many fond memories of Giant Tarpon leaping and throwing hooks and lures in all directions as well as Roosterfish hunting down panicking live baits. Costa Rica is on the top of the list for return destinations.

Most memorable catch.

It has to be at home in Corio Bay. The capture of an 11kg Snapper will be hard to beat, but if it can be beaten the candidates would be Barramundi over the magic metre mark at Bensbach and the sight of 50lb Roosterfish in Costa Rica. The way these fish can come to life when they spot a live bait...smash it and then go bezerk at the end of the is never the same each time but always spectacular.


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