Fishing Tackle Reviews


Thursday, February 22, 2018

By far the best on the market are the Tonic Neon lens Polaroid glasses. 

On all my trips around the World and in Australia  whenever I spot fish that others just cant see I get them to try my Tonic Neon Lens Polaroids. 

Instantly they want to know where they can get a pair. 

These Lens are great in low light and bright days, salt or freshwater and are great as driving glasses as they reduce eye strain.


By creating a lens that incorporates four colors, and coating the inside of the lens with an anti-reflective film, the wearer will enjoy true eye protection without losing any color perception. 

A decentered lens allows the wearer to see straight ahead, up and down and also peripherally, without experiencing any optical distortion.

Every pair of sunglasses comes attractively packaged and is backed by a 12 month new for old warranty.

All frames - a choice of shiny black or tortoiseshell - are made to withstand the harsh Australian conditions and are lightweight and durable.

In addition the new glass lenses are a lighter weight and come in a choice of grey or photochromic (darkens automatically according to light conditions) and copper.
There is also a polycarbonate lens version in grey or copper.

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