Q: Do I need to send my passport when applying for a visa?

A: Yes! All consulates around the world require the passport to stamp or place the relevant visa permissions.

Q: Is there mobile phone reception?

A: Most of our locations are extremely remote and the answer is usually no! Check with our office for the location you wish to visit.

Q: Do I need innoculations?

A: As far as Australian locations the answer is no in most cases. Some international locations do require innoculations and/or malaria tablets for example. We can give you a bit of a guide but you must ALWAYS check with your own medical advisors.

Q: What happens if at the last moment I cannot go?

A: In most cases a refund at this stage is not possible. Most locations and operations require a certain number to operate and one person or more pulling out would effect the cost of the other people on the trip. Please contact our office in regards to Travel Insurance to be able to cover you for such cancellation fees and costs.

Q: When do I pay?

A: A deposit(usually $1000 per person) is due within 7 days of booking. The final balance is due on or before 60 days prior to the trip start date. In some case a larger deposit is due and final payment time can be 90 days before the trip.

Q: I am on my own?

A: Angling Adventures does have a number of trips during the year that individuals can join. In general a single angler will have to pay single rates. Some locations can cater for singles at a reasonable rate and some do charge double a twin share rate. Joining a single to share with another single is extremely difficult. Check with us on the possibilities if you are on your own.

Q: Can I take fish home?

A: At nearly all locations you can have fish to eat for most meals(if requested). Most locations also practise a catch and release policy. Some operators will allow a small amount of fish to take home, but it is mostly discouraged. Freezer space at remote locations can be a problem as well as weight restrictions with light aircraft. Please check with our office for further details.

Q: Should/Can I take my own tackle?

A: For locations such as Bensbach and Christmas Island you MUST take your own tackle. Most locations supply conventional tackle on a replace if lost or damaged basis and hardly any supply fly tackle. You must also take into account there will be restrictions on light aircraft when travelling to many of our locations. Please check with our office with regards to what tackle you would like to take so we can advise you if it is appropriate to that location.

Q: Is the cost the same when booking with Angling Adventures compared with booking direct?

A: Yes! There is no extra charges booking with Angling Adventures.

Q: When is the best time to go?

A: That depends on what species you wish to catch. Even different locations can have better times for the same species. We have all the details in our office to help decide on the better times depending on your request (moon phases and tides for example).