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Xmas Island On Fire in 2016

Friday, May 06, 2016

Former Angling Adventures staff member Glen McCarthy just returned from another amazing fishing trip to remote Christmas Island , Kirabati with a group of eight anglers. Most of the group were complete novice fly fishos and had never even seen a bonefish before but of course had all heard how dynamic they are to catch on fly. There is certainly something about sight casting to the "ghosts of the sea". 

All members of the group had sensational sessions catching great numbers of fish through the week staying at the Captain Cook Hotel. 

The first couple of days they experienced some unseasonable inclement weather which can make fishing difficult when trying to sight cast, but once that cleared the fishing certainly went to another level with most anglers catching twenty odd fish each prior to lunch. Glenn McCarthy managed 64 bones before lunch one day with  at times catching fish before the fly had even been stripped, there were just so many fish the competition between bones for the fly was intense. Many big fish were seen tailing in the shallows which makes sight casting even more exciting and some whoppers were landed by most in the 6, 7, 8 and even 9 pound range. 

A day fishing the ocean side at Korean Wreck also saw some big fish cast to, but unfortunately there is a lot of coral there , and the big bones know how to find that after long blistering runs. 

"It is always enjoyable doing alternate days fishing from the skiffs on the lagoon flats and by truck fishing the shore lines, it didn't seem to make much difference with size or numbers as we all caught great numbers and sizes using both methods of transport to fishing locations" Glen said. 

I don't know any where in the world where novice fly fishos can catch up to one hundred or more bonefish in a week then the consistent Christmas Island. The beautiful staff and people there always make you feel welcome, the guides are incredible at helping new clients how to improve they're casting methods and of course are amazing fish spotters. 

For an international fishing location Christmas Island is very affordable and with first class fishing everyone should give it a go, you won't be disappointed. if you don't fly fish then not a problem as these bones just love a well presented bream soft plastic or hardbody lure. If you think catching bream in shallow water on lures is fun then get to Xmas Island as your in for a whole new level of excitement.

Glen didn't mange to have the usual normal blue water day on this trip so the yellowfin and Trevally had a break due to the poor few days weather, but for most groups a day chasing GT's, Tuna, Wahoo etc is also on the agenda. 

With Glens group being the 1st of a number of groups Angling Adventures will send over in 2016 we just can't wait to see the caliber of fish that are landed this season. There is still time for you and your friends to book a trip in 2016 so give Angling Adventures a call to find out how we can make this happen for you.

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