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Twin Lakes Home of the Monsters

Friday, May 27, 2016

Daniel Kent and his group of 3 mates recently returned from an amazing 3 day trip to Twin Lakes. Going over with high expectations after the stories he had heard about the place they weren't dissappointed.

After getting off the plane in Hobart they were met by their host Bryan Green who picked them up and delivered them from the airport right to there cabin sitting on the banks of the top lake.

After getting settled and rigging up it was straight to the bottom Lake where the monsters hang out. As you can see from the pictures the monsters where hungry with any number of Atlantic Salmon to 30lb were landed and lost on floating beetles, wolly buggers and mudeye fly patterns which tested some of the boys 5wt fly combos.

Thrown in for good measure the boys hooked into a number of quality rainbow and brown trout, but this weekend the Salmon were on. Other than Daniel Kent who is an experienced Fly angler the other boys all hadn't caught a fish on fly before and what a way to crack your first fish on fly. They all had no problem landing trophy after trophy, so if you are new to fly fishing and would like to get stuck into some monster fish then Twin Lakes in definietly for you. Alternatively if you are a seasoned veteren to fly fishing but have yet to land that trophy Brown, Rainbow or Altantic Salmon then you can definietly tick it off the list at Twin Lakes. Angling Adventures can arrange packages for upto 4 anglers for anywhere from 2 nights and up and you won't believe how cost effective a trip to Tiwn Lakes is to experience world class fishing.

Watching a fish of between 20 and 30lb come up and sip your dry fly off the surface is something I gaurantee you'll never forget. You can fish as hard or as relaxed as you like as the comfortable cabin allows you to kick back take in the scenery and watch the fish rising in the top lake. You can even sit back in the outdoor spa waiting for a huge brown to cruise into the shallows then grab ya rod go have a cast then come back and jump back in the spa it can be that cruisey. Your stay can be fully catered at an extra cost or you can stock up at the supermarket before you arrive and cook your own meals the choice is yours.

Twin Lakes is also perfect for couples as if you hire a car in Hobart, you can fish the dawn rise then head back to the Cabin wake up your partner for breakfast then head off and explore the amazing countryside of Tasmania before heading back to fish the dusk rise. I can assure you, you'll hook plenty in both sessions and I say hook not land as the landing part is upto you!

A final piece of advice from Daniel Kent is to leave the five weight gear at home and take a 7/8 weight. Being spooled here is a common occurrence!

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