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Rooster Fish Costa Rica

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

I was in the amazing blue waters of Costa Rica next to a humungus (technical word !!) big rock sticking out of the water – apparently well known  to the local fishermen and supposedly equally  well known rock to the local Roosterfish – the current swirls around the rock and the big roosters hide around the corner and wait for some tired and disoriented baitfish to come past. I had just been towing a poor un-suspecting local fusilier around on a big circle hook when all hell broke loose – just around the corner of rock as it happens !!!  Water went in all directions – a big tail slapped in the water and whatever it was just took off !!  I then found myself with the rod tip pointing towards the horizon, but the fish had just bolted under the boat in the opposite direction ! That’s how quick it was – the Roosterfish had changed direction but the big bow in the line had yet to catch up !  I was at Crocodile Bay in Costa Rica - thanks to Angling Adventures - playing zig zag with a 50 pound Roosterfish. A few more zig zags and I had him- unbelievable !!! I’m not sure about the angling skill involved but all credit to the boat driver who kept the line away from the propeller !! Who’s crowing now !!

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