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PNG Black Bass the ultimate sports fish

Friday, March 08, 2019

As the Australian Summer comes to an end and the days grow shorter and the temperature drops its usually a sad time for many anglers as the peak fishing period is coming to an end, but for a select group of anglers this season change brings a huge amount of excitement as it means that its almost time to head back to Lake Murray Lodge in Papua New Guinea to once again tangle with the pound for pound hardest fighting freshwater fish in the world the mighty Black Bass. Lake Murray in PNG holds undoubtedly the largest Black Bass in the world and anglers armed with 80lb braid and 100lb leaders step up to do battle with these enormous brutes.

The bass usually will hand deep in tight timber of reeds and will ambush their prey before they even know whats hit them and that’s what happens to your lure. Without a locked drag, a good boat driver and an angler ready for the fight you will have no chance of landing these fish as before you know it they have hit your lure and are already but into their snaggy fortress. If they get you back into the snag then your hopes of landing that fish are all but gone.

Lures are lost, reels tested, rods broken and anglers bodies along with their egos totally bruised when going toe to toe with the incredible PNG Black Bass at Lake Murray. All that have fished there wouldn’t have it any other way. A trip to Lake Murray is an experience all anglers will never forget and most decide to go back time and time again as fishing for these Black Bass is highly addictive and the chance to hook and land the magical 100cm black bass is a definite possibility at Lake Murray as anglers have broken the world record black bass over and over again there.

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