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Kimberley Quest Trip 2018

Monday, November 05, 2018

After making my way from Melbourne to Broome I arrived at the beautiful Cable Beach Club for my overnight stay before meeting up with the other 11 anglers on my trip and then being escorted to our private plane and flight to meet the majestic Kimberley Quest.

My first impression of the mothership was wow its big and immaculately presented as were the crew who were all lined up to introduce themselves and give us a run down of the trip we would undertake for the next 6 days. I would have to say out of  all the mother ship operations I have been on none provide the level of service that can be found on the Kimberley Quest. The crew are always on hand to provide, drinks, nibbles and tend to anything you need while the chef is always busy cooking up truly world class creations for entree, main and desert.

While the mothership and crew were amazing it was the fishing that we were here to experience it that didn't disappoint either. The first afternoon we stopped for a short pelagic session and the guides got us pretty much into the action straight away with, Spanish Mackrell and Trevally of varying species screaming reels and hitting the deck in no time. While that was a great fun session it was barra that we came to chase and tomorrow was our first barra session and we were all eagerly anticipating what we would wake up to.

The Skipper and crew steamed through the night while we dreamt of barra, so that they didn't waste any of our fishing time and we all awoke in the morning to the most amazing and unique scenery you'd see anywhere in the world. 5.30am and we were into the 4 boats and off to explore a new system. It wasn't long before radios were coming to life with barra being landed in most areas. I was lucky enough to land the biggest barra of the trip thus far which was a solid 87cm taken on a Storm Thunder Barra in the Kimberley Quest guides favorite colour Black Tracker. Also landed serveral finger mark, a jew fish and a cracking Queensland Groper of about 15lb which i thought was big until I was told about the 40lb monster that Alex manager to get into the boat. The day was made up of 3 barra sessions which consisted of a 5am start, back for breakfast then 10am start and back at 1pm for lunch and then a 2.30pm start and back on dark to have a gourmet three course meal at 6.30pm each night. Fishing in this manner was great as the guides made sure we were always fishing the best parts of the day and not wasting time and energy casting and casting when the tide wasn't in our favour. Each night at roughly 7pm the head guide would address us and clearly explain what the plan was for the following days fishing so everyone knew the agenda of where we were going, fishing and why. The communication of the crew was exceptional.

On the afternoon of Day 2 we upped anchor and headed for a new location arriving there around 9pm ready to hit new water in the morning. As the tidal flow started to increase as the week progressed so did the quality of fishing. By day 3 and 4 barra into the 90cm range were starting be landed in every session and numerous bigger barra started destroying us around snags. I lost 3 good fish and 3 favorite lures in very quick succession. On day 5 things really heated up with one session produced 90cm plus barra on each of the 4 boats and finally one boat landed the magical metre plus barra. Being surrounded by towering red cliffs, mountain ranges and amazing wildlife fishing in the Kimberley region is super special and experiencing it at the hands of a super experienced, professional crew is a real highlight. While barra was the target each boat had their fair share of by catch in the form of Mangrove Jack, Finger Mark Bream, Queensland Groper, Queenfish, Trevally and the ever present Catfish which kept us all busy through out the fishing sessions.

There is a saying "time flies when you're having fun" and this really applies to a trip on the Kimberley Quest as every minute of the trip is enjoyable whether fishing, cruising, eating amazing food, chatting on the back deck or watching the sunset on the top deck or just relaxing in your super comfortable air conditioned room your time spent on the trip is enjoyable. We had time for one more afternoon pelagic fish on our way home which again produced some fast and furious action with Queenfish, Spanish Mackrell and Giant Trevally more than happy to eat our lures including some great surface action. I capped off my trip with a solid Giant Trevally that smashed my fizzer on the surface right near the boat so I was definitely smiling.

After another steam late into the night we were back to our starting point. After our last amazing breakfast we said our goodbyes to the exceptional crew and were escorted to shore to meet our private charter flight back to Broome and then onto our flights back home.

If you are looking for a trip to share with your family and or friends that gives you best of luxury, comfort, amazing food, exceptional service and some fantastic fishing in a remote part of the world you won't find anywhere else then you truly can't go past Kimberley Quest.

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