It’s in the Bait: Choosing the Right Bait When Fishing

Whether you are fishing in saltwater or freshwater, the key to a successful trip is to have the right bait. At Angling Adventures, we aim to give you a fishing holiday that you will never forget. Apart from a range of pre-packaged tours, we make sure to meet and exceed your needs.

To help you fish, here are some information on the different types of baits and lures you can use for the trip:

Natural Bait

For many anglers, natural baits are the ideal choice, as fish recognise the appearance and odour. Depending on the type of fish you want to catch, you may use insects, worms and shrimps. As natural bait moving from one place to another may disrupt the ecosystem, it is better to use local fish to attract your target.

Cut Bait

Cut baits, which are pieces of fish, are effective baits for species attracted to scents. For saltwater fishing, these baits are perfect for catching bluefish and sea trout. When fishing in freshwater, use cut baits for ground feeders, including carp and catfish.

Artificial Flies

Artificial flies are fishing lures that resemble the food sources of different species — from terrestrial insects and crustaceans to small reptiles and birds. Artificial flies have different types, while dry flies are freshwater flies that float. In general, they look as if they are terrestrial or aquatic insects. Wet flies are also freshwater flies, but are designed to sink. They may look like insects, larva, baitfish or nymphs.

To fish in saltwater with an artificial fly, think about using streamer flies. These artificial flies are great for any kind of game fish. Some popular streamer flies are Muddler Minnow and a Royal Coachman. You can also use Mickey Finn, a classic pattern for a streamer fly. When you want a fly that you can use for almost any type of fish, think about buying Woolly bugger, a fly with a universal pattern.

Do not ruin your trip by using the wrong kind of bait. Get in touch with us to learn more about angling, fishing techniques and our tour packages.

Off the Hook: Tips for Easier Live Bait Fishing

One of the most efficient and productive ways of sport angling is to use natural baits, or live bait. Natural baits lure in fish effectively because of their familiar texture, odour, and colour that many sea creatures often mistake as harmless food. These live creatures are relatively simple to present, and are generally more effective when acquired locally, as fish have an acquired taste, too.

Whether it’s the common earthworm, grubs, maggot, grasshoppers, crickets, snails, or minnows, having your bait still moving is important. They are supposed to be live baits, after all.

To help you out, here are some important live bait fishing tips that will improve your chances of reeling in a big one.

Use Light Lines

When the fish you’re trying to catch looks at the bait, you want them to see only the fish, and not your line. The lighter your line is, the less visible it will be for the fish to see. This is particularly helpful when fishing in clear waters, as the fish might not take your bait if it looks different from their normal food.

The Fresher, the Better

Take the time to look for the liveliest bait possible. Fish love moving bait; a lifeless one just floating in the water will simply not get the job done. Choose bait that looks healthy and has plenty of “wiggle.” The more it fights for its life while in the water, the more likely it is to trigger an aggressive strike from a big game fish. Also, if there’s been no action after half an hour or so, replace your bait with a fresh one.

Go Small

Don’t use hooks that are much too large for the bait and the fish you’re targeting. Just like your line, you don’t want the fish to see your big hooks when they’re going for the worm or whatever it is on the end of your line. Of course, a portion of the hook will be visible, so you’re better off going with small ones to make it less obvious. The point here is to conceal your hook and make the live bait as natural-looking as possible.

When it comes to fishing, getting all the help you can get to improve your bait and style helps you catch more fish and makes your experience more exciting.

Get in touch with us now and we’ll help you book your next big adventure.

Friendly Competition: Organising a Corporate Fishing Tournament

A fishing tournament is a classic way of promoting fellowship within an organisation. Holding your corporate fishing trip in key locations inside or outside Australia is already a significant step towards promoting camaraderie among your employees. Conducting a friendly competition will be a fitting highlight to your getaway.

You don’t need to hire a fishing tournament organiser to pull it off successfully. With proper planning and the right idea in mind, you can hold a memorable competition that everybody will enjoy.

The Committee

Put together a group that will be in charge of everything, from planning the event to overseeing the tournament. This will let you divide the duties among the members, and the preparations would run smoothly. The members of the committee should be experienced in fishing tournaments to make sure all the important aspects of the competition are covered. Build the committee ahead of your trip to have enough time in coordinating with the fishing resort.

The Participants

Decide whether the format of the fishing competition will be individual, group or both. Individual tournaments are ideal if all of the employees coming into the trip know how to fish. A group competition is perfect if not all participants really fish, letting your employees work as a team.

The Species

Depending on your fishing spot, think of the most suitable species to focus on the competition. Some fishes are common targets in tournaments because of their abundance in the location and the level of skill required to catch them. Talk to the local fishing experts to help you decide on the species to catch.

The Scoring System

As this fishing tournament is just for fun, have your own scoring system. You can either count points based on the sum of the weight of all the caught fishes or the total number of catches between participants.

Choose the best spot for your corporate fishing trip. Browse through our large selection of saltwater and freshwater tours across the globe, and feel free to contact us for any enquiries.

The Amazin’ Amazon: Freshwater Fishes in the Amazon

Not many people realise what sport fishing in the Amazon is all about. Mention the Amazon to anyone and they will probably think of mosquito-ridden, snake-filled, piranha-infested bogs, swamps, and rivers. Truth is, it couldn’t be any more different.

With more than 2,500 documented freshwater fish species, the Amazon proves to be one of the richest and most diverse freshwater fishing spots in the world. The mostly tannin-blackwater rivers, roaring whitewater rivers, and big lagoons offers you the chance to reel in a big one. Surprises are always waiting at the end of your line, and here are some of them.

Peacock Bass

Peacock bass are one of the favourite game fishes lurking in the waters of the Amazon. A number of species of this fish is found only in the Amazon, making it that more precious. It’s also a true adversary in every aspect, as it will give you the fight you’ve been looking for.

This fish is similar to the American Largemouth bass in shape, but by no means in size and colour. These colourful creatures can weigh up to more than 30lbs, helping them outpower you with tremendous topwater action. They can also be reeled in using sub-surface lures and jigs.


The Amazon is known for its catfishes, and among those swimming in its waters is the legendary piraiba catfish. This is the fish that everyone wants to catch. Casting your lines and hooking this in will give you the thrill of a lifetime, as it’s known to reach over 600lbs, with an average of 100lbs for the regular-sized piraibas. These fish are often seen breaching the surface like dolphins, but are mainly found in deeper, sluggish water.


The arapaima, piracucu, or paiche, is another elusive fish that’s a favourite catch for anglers. This fish is the largest freshwater fish of the Amazon basin and of South America, known to reach 1.75 meters and weigh over 500lbs. You better bring your “A” game, though; as they’ll jump like a tarpon and never give up once you hook them.

Angling Adventures takes you closer to these fishes and lets you see, explore, and enjoy what the mighty Amazon has to offer. Get in touch with us now and we’ll make sure you go on fishing trips to gain experiences you’ll never forget.

A Game of Trouts: Tips for Fishing Trouts in Tasmania

The island of Tasmania is widely celebrated for its unique landscape and exotic fauna.Separated from the Australian mainland by the Bass Strait, it is host to unspoiled natural spots and World Heritage Sites.

In the world of fly fishing, however, the island is more known for its great fishing game locations. Even hardened fly fishers find the island a formidable ground to test their prowess in the sports. Trout fishing, in particular, is gaining ground in terms of popularity among recreational fishers.

At Angling Adventures, we have seen many amateur and professional fishers try their luck with catching trouts. If you are planning to set out to Tasmania and prove your trout fishing mettle, take these things into account:

Read the river

Reading the river means determining the likelihood of trouts in a particular stream or river. Moving water creates currents, which professionals classify into three: the riffle, run, and pool. Riffles are fast and shallow current that are perfect for morning and evening feeding period. Small trouts and larger trouts usually crowd in riffles during this period.

Runs are deeper than riffles and have moderate current. They can hold trouts anytime of the day and are common fishing grounds. Guided tours commonly direct amateur fishers to these areas. Pools, on the other hand, are home to big Brown Trouts, a worthy prize for more adventurous fishing enthusiasts.

Prepare the right fishing gears

Fishing for trouts requires only the appropriate fishing gears. Bringing a heavier rig in smaller rivers, for instance, does not always improve your chance of catching one. Sometimes, all you need is a light rod, impeccable timing, and good reeling skills to land that big catch.

Know the Location

Tasmania has many rivers, streams, and lakes to fish from. With that said, it pays to know about your preferred fishing location to make the most of your fishing experience. You can consult our top touring guides in Tasmania before and during your trip, for good measure.

Have fun

Trout fishing is a popular sport for a reason. Take this chance to immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind experience and see how far can you test the abundant waters of Tasmania. You’ll never know how good a trout fisher you are if you don’t give it a chance. Contact us to book your next Tasmanian fishing tour.

Get Hooked: Great Fishing Spots in the Pacific

If you’re like us, you just can’t resist the thrill of the catch. You probably enjoy, even long for, the thrill of seeing the tip of your pole bend towards the water a split-second before that powerful tug of
“the big one” on the other end pulls you in. This is the lure of the lake, the draw of your favourite fishing spot, and the call of the open waters that makes fishing a great hobby and sport.

To help you thoroughly enjoy the coming fishing seasons and your vacation time on the water, here are a few of the best fishing areas in and around the Pacific.

Victoria, Australia

Professional anglers always want a challenge, and our home turf provides some of the best spots to give you just that. Imagine the roaring waves rocking your boat up and down the sea while you’re fishing. This peculiar and challenging characteristic can only be found in Victoria.

Here, you can explore the waters of the Murray River and the surrounding mountains, forests, and hidden valleys on the foot of the Snowy Mountains. You and your angler friends or family will be testing the waters of one of Australia’s blue ribbon trout fishing locales. There are also other nearby fishing destinations you can try out to reel in big catches.

Southern Thailand

Deep sea fishing is a must if you ever find yourself on the southern coast of Thailand. Phuket is one of the top destinations in this Asian country because it is not only a world-class beach town; it also sets the scene for some of the best fishing trips.

Cast your line in the clear blue waters of the Andaman Sea and you can reel in tuna, swordfish, arapaima, blue and black marlins, barramundi, and different types of catfish. Whether you’re casting your line from Phuket, Krabi, or anywhere in between, impressive sea creatures are sure to bite. A strict catch-and-release policy in some areas means you won’t be eating your catch, but a photo to post on your Facebook page while visiting Thailand’s west coast will do instead.

Fiji, French Polynesia

Fiji and other islands in the French Polynesia and the Pacific are not much of a popular vacation or fishing destination. This comes as an advantage, though, as the waters are untouched and the Blue Marlins, Tuna, and other big game fishes are allowed to grow to huge sizes in their natural habitat.

From a boat or from the shore, fishing is a great way to explore the world and the great oceans. Get in touch with us if you’re planning to book a fishing tour in Australia, or other fishing destinations worldwide, and we’ll make sure you get a trip and experience that you’ll never forget.

Gone Fishin’: Top Game Fish Anglers Love

Recreational fishing is an activity of choice for many anglers. It’s one where you can relax alone and enjoy the peace and quiet of the water, or challenge yourself by indulging in big games. Whether you’re booking a fishing tour for freshwater or saltwater fish with us, you’re sure to enjoy your time out on the water. And if you’re looking for a challenge, here’s some of the most sought-after sport fishing species.


Commercially a very sought after fish, tuna gained popularity as a top game fish back in the 1950s. Anglers back then used to hook these in using a kayak, but now, it’s made easier with all the different fishing vessels available.

These are a favourite game species because they put up quite a fight since they’re very fast swimmers. Great skills and expert techniques are needed to reel in this agile fish.


The perch, or the Australian Bass as it’s locally known here, is one you would never expect to put up a fight. There’s nothing like the incredible thrill of feeling these pull your line as hard as a fish twice their size would. If you ever go on one of our fishing tours, don’t pass up the chance to fish for the Australian Bass. They also taste great if you can hook in one or two for eating.


Bass fishing is a multi-billion dollar industry all over the world. This specie is a favourite in both freshwater and saltwater fishing tours as different species of bass can be found in lakes, rivers, reservoirs, streams, and the oceans. Some species, such as the largemouth bass, are known for their large sizes and the resistance they put up. This’ll give any angler a good challenge, and makes the trip more enjoyable.


Popular among fly-fishers, trout is found in both freshwater and saltwater and is popular the world over. Trout usually grow to have large bodies, which they use for resistance when you try reeling them in. Their size and weight also makes them a bit of a heavy fish to catch.


Marlin is probably the top game fish of all, with the Blue Marlin being the fish that most anglers have their sights on. Weighing in at an average of 150kgs and reaching a maximum 150kgs, it’s the prized catch everybody’s after as you may need to spend quite some money for fishing expeditions. Don’t worry, though, as the experience is very much worth it.

Angling Adventures can take you closer to these fish and closer to your dream of hooking a prized catch. Get in touch with us and we’ll book your next fishing adventure right away.

Angler Management: Living the Life as an Angler

Angling is a favourite sport and recreational activity for many. There are many fishing destinations in the world, and Australia is one of the most preferred. As Australia’s leading fishing tour booking agency, Angling Adventures always want its customers to get the most out of their fishing adventure. We encourage you to try any of our guided fishing tour packages to make your holiday an enjoyable, memorable, and well-spent one.

Here’s a guide to a successful Australian angling adventure.

All About Fly Fishing

Australia is home to many saltwater and freshwater fishing spots in areas like Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania. Using artificial “flies” as baits combined with effective casting techniques, you can catch as many fish as you want.

You can do this on either salt or freshwater. The common species caught include trouts, salmons, steelheads, and bass. The techniques used in fly fishing vary between regions. Don’t worry though, as our experienced guides will teach you how to be a good angler. If you’re an expert, then they’ll take you to the best fishing spots and assist you throughout your trip.

A Day at the Fishing Spot

Your day as an angler in Australia starts with renting a charter with a guide. You will begin sailing after preparing all the things you need. A small boat will be fine if you’re doing freshwater fly fishing. You can stay in a single spot or move around several areas until you get a good catch. At the end of the day, you’ll go back to your rented accommodation to relax and have a restful sleep. You can, of course, enjoy the night and party with the locals and other tourists in your resort or hotel.

The Angling Essentials

You’ll have a great day of fishing if you have all the angling essentials ready. These include your food, fishing rods and lines, and most importantly, baits. Bring extra clothes and fishing supplies. Don’t forget your camera so you can take a picture of your biggest catch.

Angling Adventures will take you closer to your dream holiday in Australia and other parts of the world. Call us and we’ll book your next fishing tour right away.

Ideas for Your Next Freshwater Fishing Destinations

When people think of angling, they commonly imagine fishing in the wide blue sea. Often, images of coral atolls and island-landscapes on the horizon come into most people’s minds. But sport fishing is not confined to these places alone. There are other fishing spots that are equally captivating and challenging.

There are a lot of great saltwater fishing locations around the globe, but those who are new to sportfishing don’t realise that freshwater locations offer the same level of adventure and bounty. Rivers and lakes provide another kind of experience even for the seasoned angler.

If you are looking for a different kind of angling adventure, head on to one of these locations:

Gillhams Fishing Resort, southern Thailand

The old Siam’s exotic charm is never lost to any of its visitors. The Southeast Asian nation boasts natural attractions and abundant resources. It also hosts a multitude of great game fishing spots. Veteran anglers particularly frequent Gilhams Fishing resort in southern Thailand. Those with different levels of angling experience can test their skills against 26 freshwater species such as Giant Siamese carp, Giant Mekong catfish, Giant Freshwater Stingray, the Araipama gigas, Snakeheads, and Barramundi.

Lake Nasser, Egypt

One of the largest man-made lakes in Africa, Lake Nasser was the result of the damming of the River Nile at Aswan. The species that thrive in the river soon found their place in the lake, providing sportfishers an avenue for a great experience. Nile Perch, for instance, can put up a mean fight even against professionals. The biggest Nile Perch caught in the lake was 275 lbs.

The Amazon

A list of great freshwater fishing spots is never complete without the Amazon. Governing bodies, however, protect the river. If you wish to fish in the Amazon, you have to secure licenses and permits. One of our booking destinations did it already for their visitors. Anglers can now bask in the experience of catching the elusive Peacock Bass and Butterfly Peacock Bass. This species can outwrestle any grown man and presents an interesting challenge to those who want to subdue the gentle creature.

Freshwater fishing is one angling experience you should not miss. Different environments, species traits, and angling techniques factor in to give everyone the ride of their lifetime. Contact us to book your next freshwater fishing adventure.

Christmas Island: Fly-fishing Wonderland

Fly-fishing has undeniably gained popularity in many parts of the world. More and more people are starting to turn to the sport to satisfy their craving for adventure and water-fun. This recent development saw many great fishing spots welcoming throngs of visiting thrill-seekers. One such location for great fly-fishing experience is Christmas Island.

As one of our major booking destinations, we are witness to the growing popularity of Christmas Island among the fly-fishing enthusiasts. Each year, the tiny Pacific nation accommodates hundreds of anglers wishing to test their skills and prove their mettle against the variety of huge fishes here. The teeming waters of Christmas Island are more than enough of an invitation for visitors to enjoy the many ways of spending a fishing afternoon.

Bonefish Aplenty

Bonefish is the perfect game fish for fly-fishing. They live close to shallow waters and easily take live shrimp and crabs for bait. Don’t be fooled by this seemingly easy task of catching them, though. They can put up a good fight even for a seasoned fisher. They are naturally quick and can dart in and out of an area in a moment’s notice.

Those who are new to fly-fishing don’t have to worry. With just a little time for practice and “testing the waters,” they can catch as many as 30 bonefish in a day, with some belonging in the 5-8 pound class. Fly-fish experts can always challenge themselves to reel in a worthy catch.

Colourful Rocks

Christmas Island is also home to some of the most captivating coral beds in the world. The picturesque scenery is a great addition and a relaxing sight after a full day of angling. You can tour around the unspoiled island and observe other marine creatures from your deck through the clear, crystal waters.

Friendly Locals

Nothing beats getting to know the island’s pristine fishing spots than from the locals themselves. They are mostly of Gilbertrese descent and know how to engage with foreign visitors very well. Friendly and accommodating, they are one of the main reasons people visit the island. It’s like having an extended family separated by oceans.

Indeed, Christmas Island is one of the top destinations not just for fly-fishing but for travel and tourism as well. You can book your next adventure on Christmas Island with us. Browse our website to learn more of the wide selection of options.