Fishing Australia - Australia

Australia offers the adventurous angler world-class fishing for a staggering variety of spectacular sportfish, many of which can be caught all year round.

While the sheer size of Australia and the spell-binding remoteness of its fish rich waters have attracted the interest of many travelling anglers, these same factors have also confused the visitor looking for specific information about where to go and catch particular species.

ANGLING ADVENTURES has for over 30 years taken anglers to some of this country's most unique and specialised fishing areas. ANGLING ADVENTURES provides anglers with that all important ingredient of local knowledge, which is the strength of our success. We deal with the best people in the best locations and we provide fishing tours for the high-tech specialist as well as for the average angler who wants to enjoy a good fishing holiday.

This travelling fisherman's guide details a range of destinations you can choose from, and we invite you to fish with ANGLING ADVENTURES for some of the most exciting fishing in the world.

From the Top End to the bottom of Australia, along with its coastlines, Australia has so much to offer. The variety of species as well as the sportfishing techniques used, means we have a location for every request.

Australia is not our only fishing playground, we cover the world! The main ingredients for successful fishing locations are remoteness, exotic, local knowledge and unique species! All our destinations have been personally tested by a staff member of Angling Adventures (or one of our associates). After more than 30 years of operation, our destinations are continually being massaged. There are still some untouched and exciting parts of the world yet to be discovered! You can be sure we will eventually find and fish them!!

The fishing package price will be the same with Angling Adventures as it will be booking direct....why not get an unbiased opinion?

Discerning fishing people book their trips with people who understand fishing. ANGLING ADVENTURES unhesitatingly recommend locations represented on this website.