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Hi Garry,
            Just to let you know that we had the most wonderful trip. My dad, who did not fish hard, caught about 50 fish, Tom 100-1110 and I caught 120-130, the total being about 280-290 for our boat. The size this year was staggering. We caught about 40 in the 90's, 2 at 99 and 18 over a metre. We had 4 over 120 with 132 the biggest and we lost a few massive fish. Please put us down for next year.

Steve Cooper
Sydney 15/07/2010


Hi Glenn,

Johnny Boy here!

Firstly may I say that the trip you put together on Swordfish was very professional in every way. JOHNNY BOY (thats me), Marshall, Colin, Graham, Stephen, Brett, etc had a ball. Lots and lots of great fish, plenty of laughs, FANTASTIC food, and all the stories go on bigger and better than ever. Well done Glenn from all of us.

I'm sure we will be back (even if I have to catch the best fish again). The shirt I won was great!

Thanks again mate. Photos on the way.

John Underwood
Lane Cove

A note to Angling Adventures to say I had a great trip. The group was really good and the guides about perfect.
Sure, Charlie is a hunting and fishing guide and lodge owner, but mostly he is a bush pilot, we had lots in common and got on great.
I had nothing but a pure floating line for the whole trip and succeeded with the trip aim of getting lots of Chums on poppers.
The Anchorage Historic Hotel was good advice, very central with a taxi rank.
You can tell I'm still buzzing with the wonder of Alaska!

Nelson Bay, NSW


Hi Garry & Pip,
                    I had an absolute fantastic time on Xmas Island. Caught bones, triggers, trevally, yellow snapper, goat fish, cod and puffers....fantastic!
Loved the island and the people.........the food was good and enough of it....
As for the guides, they are amazing......

....Very Impressed with the whole journey. Thankyou and if you have any information on tiger fishing I would love to hear more.


Wyndham, W.A.

The Best Barramundi Fishing Trips

Every angler should experience the thrill of hooking a Barramundi Fishing Trips at least once in their lifetime.

Possibly Australia's most iconic sportfish, Barramundi will test both skill and tackle of experienced and novice angler alike. Whether encountered casting, trolling or fly fishing, few fish get an anglers adrenalin going like the mighty “Barra”. Barramundi are just about the perfect sport fish. A highly aggressive and opportunistic hunter, they can be taken anywhere from picturesque lilly fringed inland billabongs to river mouths and headlands. The Barramundi's signature surface strike or “boof” is a sound that will be etched on your memory forever not mention their magnificent aerial gyrations as they attempt to dislodge your lure.

Operating from the upper reaches of freshwater streams all the way to the sea, our Barramundi Fishing Trips can cater to your every need. From remote landbased lodges, to mother ship operations, Angling Adventures Barramundi Fishing Trips operate in the best locations available in the North of Australia and PNG. Due to the remote locations we operate in, there is the added bonus of experiencing the amazing pristine environment Australia's North has to offer.

Cairns / Port Stephens - QLD

Cairns is still the fishing capital of the world when it comes to catching Giant Black Marlin. With the combination of Captain Tim Dean aboard the 40 footer “Calypso”, the chances of catching a Giant Black aboard a luxury vessel have never been better.


Duyfken Sportfishing Adventures

Kim Andersen has been operating mothership charters in the fish rich waters of Weipa and Cape York for over 10 years and is regarded by his peers as one of the best all round guides in the country.
Kim was in fact one of the very first guides to fish the Cape's west coast years before Weipa became the centre of the sports fishing universe it is today. Rest assured that you are in capable hands as we strive to give you the very best fishing experience from a professional and experienced guiding team.


Kimberley Quest - WA

Sail aboard the Kimberley Quest to some of the Kimberley’s most exciting places. During your stay, you will visit places such as - Cascade Bay, Cone Bay, Whirlpool passage, Cockatoo Island and many more...


The Lodge of Dundee

The Lodge of Dundee can offer an unique fishing experience with world class fishing opportunities to a residing beachside lodgement that can only be found in the Northern Territory.


Broome - WA

Broome is fast becoming the Sailfish capital of the world. It boasts fantastic fishing grounds both close in and further out to sea at the Rowley Shoals.


Dirk Hartog Island - WA

Located in the north of Western Australia, 830 km from Perth, Dirk Hartog Island forms the western boundary of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area.



Today, this magical fishing resort, located as Zane Grey might have put it, in the “deep south” of New South Wales, is where keen anglers journey regularly to challenge the ocean giants like Tuna, Marlin and Sharks.



Sal Salis

Located on the North West Cape, Sal Salis is a 1 hour drive south of Exmouth.The accommodation (luxury tents) is located about 50 metres back from the beach amongst the low lying coastal dunes. Two klms behind the camp is the limestone range of Cape National Park.


Snowy Mountains Holidays - VIC

We are in the heart of one of Australia’s blue ribbon trout locales. Not surprising when you discover that the immediate region has 180 km’s of mountain-fed rivers and streams and numerous lakes and pondages, all in idyllic locations.


Peter Hayes Guided Fishing

"It would be hard to imagine better season than this past three!" This is how owner/guide Peter Hayes summed up his 2003 Tasmanian trout season, and Tasmanian trout he certainly knows! Our guides don’t fish unless expressly asked to do so by clients, or for demonstration purposes. Our guides all enjoy working with people, and excel in communicating the skills of fly and spin fishing.


Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes is a private fishery(Fly only) situated between Buckland and Nugent, a 50 minute drive from Hobart.
Stocked with Rainbow and Brown Trout yearlings a number of years ago, these lakes are certainly can be classed as "Trophy water".


Darwin's North Australia Barra Fishing

D.N.A. Barra Fishing is a family owned and operated tourism business that has been operating in the Northern Territory since 1995. The Barramundi is probably the most sought after Australian species. Not only does D.N.A. fish the best areas but they are very successful in catching some of the biggest ones available!


Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge

This beautiful area of Arnhemland not only offers exceptional barramundi, the fishing for numerous other species is also sensational. This tour boasts private rights to use to a number of rivers and creeks as well as fish-rich islands and the most superb inland lagoons Northern Territory has to offer.


Viv's Sportfishing & Wilderness Safaris

Viv’s Sportfishing & Wilderness Safaris invite you to experience the magic of some of the best remote area fishing and sightseeing the Top End of Australia can offer.....must be the longest running Darwin Mothership fishing company!


Jarbu Lodge

Probably the lead in on costs for Top End Lodges. Very homely with the added luxury of a swimming pool to cool down in after a day in the sun.


Bullo River Station

Accessible most of the year around by a private charter flight from either Darwin or Kununurra, Bullo River Station is situated in the heart of the Eastern Kimberley Range.


Bamurru Plains

Bamurru Plains is located on the edge of the Mary River floodplains, just a short distance from the coast and the western boundary of Kakadu National Park.
Not only the closest location to the famous "Run off" Barra area, but accommodation in "Wild Bush Luxury".


Fishing at Melville Island Lodge & Johnson River Camp

Situated on Melville Island, Northern Territory, a more comfortable lodge would be hard to imagine.
A few steps from your air-conditioned room to step up into your boat. Towed 2 minutes to the boat ramp(with guide onboard), fishing for the day, back to the boat ramp, drive straight onto the trailer, towed back to the lodge, hop out of the boat and a few steps to the room!
How easy is that....and no wet feet either!




Exmouth - Ningaloo Reef

Quickly becomming Australia's premier game and sportfishing destination.
From Marlin to Bonefish and numerous other species to choose from.


Bathurst Island Lodge

The original "Barra Base Lodge" on Bathurst Island, Northern Territory would bring back many great memories to a lot of fishing people that visited there in the 1980's and 1990's. It has been closed since 1998.
As of March 2013 you will be able to relive those great times! Under the new name of "Bathurst Island Lodge", the Lodge will be in action again.


CY Charters

Right on the tip of Australia in far north Queensland, CY Charters is located on a lovely small tropical island just off the coast. Cape York fishing in comfort!


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